Sunday, January 02, 2011

Cast off time?


Queen Anne's Lace by MMario (free ravelry pattern) done in Malabrigo lace weight. A few pictures before blocking. The book shelf is 5 feet tall if that's any indication.

Malabrigo felts upon itself- there's a good bit of this in the center. I should have used a bigger bag to store it.

I quit playing the 10 in 2010 game after I saw I could make it. This would have been number 10 (I never photographed number 9 and would have still been disqualified) I say with a knit this big I can take the rest of the year off!


knitwonpurltoo said...

Alrighty, then. You have the rest of 2010 off;-P

knitwonpurltoo said...

I'm sorry. I forgot to mention how beautiful it is and please take a picture when you get it blocked.

knitterlyanne said...

Four hours - I do not envy you. I am impressed by your having the good sense to check the time when you began!

It's a gorgeous object and considering that blocking is yet to come ... Looking forward to seeing the results of that!

Becky said...

wow, this is beautiful!

vanfox23 said...

That is beautiful! Job well done. And yeah like you could take a year off knitting. ;-)

Roxie said...

Bravo! Whoop, whoop! Hoorah! YaYYYY!!!

Stunning work. A masterpiece!

Carrie K said...

Wow. That is utterly gorgeous.

Four hours isn't bad! Considering it looks like approximately 30,000 stitches.