Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a self declared snow day

Yesterday morning I spent about 2 hours worrying about driving home from school in the snow today. I took matters into my own hands. There is a reason they give teachers personal days and that reason is called SNOW.

There is a most competent retired teacher (who also has much less of a drive and a good 4wd to get home) as my sub teaching kids to double dutch and play with lummi sticks. And since she is the sympathetic fearless sort who took me home during the last snow, it's only fitting that she get paid something for my psychosis.

I am watching the snow fall, baking brownies, and playing with paper and pen. The book Totally Tangled by Sandy Steen Bartholomew arrived yesterday and while not surprising, it is amazing what a little guided inspiration can do.

Tangle Number 2

Happily I had plenty of various weighted pencils and was able to add some shading. Those were some of the items on the fence during this summer's purge. I'm so glad I hung onto them. Like any creative endeavor, the book suggests to look for inspiration/design possibilities everywhere. Henna tattoos, Japanese kimonos- I also pulled a little something from the Sundance Jewelry catalog I received yesterday. Warning to people who feel their lives can be fulfilled by a piece of jewelry!! DO NOT CLICK ON THIS SITE. It will suck you in like nobody's business!

The goal to it all, as I read it, is to become completely mindful of the lines you are drawing. I really had a battle with my brain while doing this (it's snowing-I'm not at school-I wonder what my ex from 20 years ago is doing- I wonder when I should start shoveling- I wonder if this is too much shading- I wonder why the dog is whining-I wonder if there will be a real snow day tomorrow-I wonder if I post this on facebook if people will think it's the best thing ever- I wonder if I am secretly a master zentangler waiting to be discovered...ad nauseum). But... every now and then there was a moment of nothing. Just me and the paper and the feel of the pen. Of course as soon as that happened the brain went "LOOK THERE IT IS! THERE IT IS!"


Anonymous said...

Wow, that IS an advancement from before. V. nice!

Roxie said...

Oh the luscious joy of a snow day! I love your zentangles!! Creating the empty spaces between the thoughts.

Carrie K said...

I am totally confused by Totally Tangled however I did click onto that jewelry site thinking that I'm not the type to think jewelry will fulfill my life but OMG. Gorgeous, gorgeous stuff. And I've only checked out the rings so far. If only I had an employer to embezzle from but alas, self employed.

Sharon said...

Ditto what Carrie K said about the jewelry site! I looked at the necklaces and bags. Ooh la la!

Mountain Mama said...

And it turns out you made the right call about staying home yesterday!

This is beautiful artwork.

Haley said...

very cool. i am VERY impressed with your artistic abilities.

R a i n said...

Wow you're super cool! I think people who can do stuff with pen/pencil and paper are just awesome!!

Happy New Year and thanks for the comment on my blog. I've got to download itunes because I still live in the Dark Ages heh.