Friday, March 13, 2009

No Surprise- Babette the Two

I've made some executive decisions.

The happy dog picture must be something I can look at every day on the sidebar. Especially when I am forced to be away from the sweetness.

Making an afghan out of Alpaca Lite (Olive's Afghan) is just plain stupid when there is a cat and a dog in the house. The halo on the afghan looks like giant dust kangaroos. It's not done. It's warm enough. It requires that I vacuum daily. I will not be finishing it.

I don't right now have the attention span for EZ's Adult Suprize jacket. It has been frogged. I felt no remorse. It would be silly to "hold" the yarn until I'm ready for it again.

These two facts combined mean Babette the Two. I loved the way the first one turned out. I am constructing smarter after the first time around. I need an afghan for the summer (o.k. not so much.) Likely given the colorway of the new Babette, Mr. Sophanne will declare that he should have this one of more muted tones. That's fine.

Smarter assembly means doing the squares in the order of the pattern. Blocking the squares prior to sewing them together. Single crocheting rather than sewing them together and doing so as I go rather than making a big honkin' pile of squares and "hooking" rather than sewing the ends in.

Such a fickle knitter. There's some productivity on some lace. I am of the extremes.


Carol said...

An afghan that sheds so much you have to vacuum daily? No way. Good decision on that,boss.

Linda Sue said...

Dust kangaroos- disapointing but you know they have to live somewhere! Love your knitterly blog- I am inspired to once again TRY to learn to knit sometime - just not today...Liza is a pooch I could love TOO MUCH! mmmmmkisskiss.

Yarnhog said...

I like the new colors. And good choices on the projects. Knitting (or crocheting) is supposed to be fun, or why do it? Sometimes I have to remind myself of that.

Anne said...

I'm jealous that you are already on Babette 2...I've been collecting Koigu for three years waiting to start. You gave me the boost (inspiration) to start mine...think I'll learn to crochet this week. Thanks for the tip about finishing and crocheting the squares together.

Any other tips before I start?

Jennifer said...

Freaking alpaca. It seduces you with softness and then it sheds all over you.

Nice Babette, and good call putting the furbaby over there in the sidebar. Liza fans approve.

Mary Beth said...

Are you using the alpaca yarn & the yarn from the EZ jacket to make this Babette 2? Needed some clarification. I love the new colorway & single crochet seaming. I will remeber that for a future cushion cover I'm making soon. (The squares will need a simple flat seam.)

I recently spent days on frogging & reballing yarn. I decided if I wasn't loving/feeling the projects the yarn could be better well used. Good decision on your part.

Love Liza on the side bar!