Sunday, April 30, 2017

Soon it will be the weekend every day

Because I skipped the Zumba last Thursday to cut the grass, I decided to make it a step filled day by going for one of the long walks of a few summers ago. Except I forgot to pay attention to the sun and found myself near heat exhaustion climbing up a 45* hill at noon on this sunny day. The neighbor's grown daughter spotted my distress and drove me the last 500 steps home. Note to self, check the sun.

Other than the rescue car, this was my favorite thing on the walk-


I can never remember the name (much like I always forget the word tortilla and Christopher Walken's name) and the guy getting in his car in front of the house eyed me suspiciously as I photographed it. I'm going to guess that the only thing I could look potentially guilty of was sneaking into the house and collapsing in exhaustion. Step total was 7,000+ , so there's that.

When you order your meal and cocktail in Spanish, somethimes they bring you an extra house tequila at the end of the meal. And it is delicious. And they realized your Spanish wasn't completely rehearsed when you say "duermo ahora."

The student teacher with no classroom management skills has finished her placement. Every now and then it's good for those kids to experience a little less than the best. Then they are grateful when I return and we all like each other a little more.


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Kathryn Kienholz said...

Wisteria. Which is not even close to hardy here where I live. So I am jealous. But only a tiny bit. Because we seldom get 90˚ days here.