Thursday, April 27, 2017

Healthy choices - not so much

So we spent a lot of running around time making ourselves eligible for a $10 discount/mo at the local gym. When it came time to sign our portion we were asked to promise to go an hour a day three days a week, keep a food journal, talk on the phone with a nutritionist. All good things but not the autonomy we wanted to give up. Had I thought of drawing the food for the food journal then, it would have been hard to resist not doing it just to turn in pictures instead of words.

Greathusbandbob bought some Ben and jerry's and it called my name. On the other hand I didn't eat the Twix bar in my drawer because I didn't want to have to confess to it.



One thing I've come to realize about drawing is that you can't judge the quality accurately when you're close ( both in time and distance). So far many of the things did not end up looking as bad as they felt.


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