Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Not yet.

Spanish- added the podcast Spanish in one month to modes of instruction. A mnemonic bee named Joel teaches connecting words prior to verbs and teaches all tenses for one verb (and then more) rather than one tense for all verbs. Also got a collection of fairy tales retold in Spanish and have been listening to get an ear for the language trying to hear the words I recognize and how they're put together. So many words, all vaguely familiar but too fast to connect. Slow and steady.

I used to say that I believed that one day Spanish words would come out of my mouth and I would understand all magically. Magic=intensive study. Not yet discouraged.

Drawing- I'm going slow on the lessons. There needs to be lots of drawing in between lessons. I've taken to drawing what I've eaten for the day and then naming it en espagnol. Clever, eh? The idea came from this artist (and surprisingly enough-not really-she started as a knitter). She kept track of purchases. I have mostly come out from under the yoke of consumerism however I am happy to be compulsive about food. It's more fun than the official Food Journal.


There are 25 teaching days left. This week has been so easy I really can't speak of it. It's testing week. That usually means that I am either monitoring tests or covering a rearranged schedule that I have written. This year the principal said- hey we're not turning the school on it's head just for testing so if kids are testing when I have them, I don't have them. In addition it's the student teachers last week and she's doing the rest.

There will be drawings of food tomorrow. In a "hey I'm not a weirdo" moment the bus driver, preacher, dad of former students friend asked me to help him learn the piano. He knows a little bit. Just needs some guidance. I'm not the only one looking to know more stuff.


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