Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Play it out until it's done

Spanish- apparently the learning curve gets steep after you become 3% proficient. I'm still maintaining my daily practice. I'm just not as awesome as I was last week.

Knitting- bestnieceeverCharlotte (and my favorite member of greathusbandbob's family- we don't need words- just eye contact) is expecting a baby. I am double knitting squares for a toddler blanket. To go where no one has gone before.


I have completed two squares. I need thirty. Some will be blue/black others gold/black. Baby is due in October. I'll likely have just enough time.

Studying drawing and following instruction looked like this tonight-I'm pleased with the book and the jar- the coffee cup not so much.


Following no instruction and just drawing quickly and relentlessly with ink looked like this tonight.



Cough drop 1, cough drop 2, shekere, small woven basket, treasure box, knitted pig, broken shell, wooden rose. It's my hope that I won't have to regularly identify what has been drawn but today I felt compelled. And even though I don't love the way it looks, I did learn and think about the pig's shadow so it was not a complete waste of time. I also think cough drop 1 might pass the contour drawing test.

I'm reading some books that say here are some ideas. Just draw. Don't be afraid of art. Decide to make it Might Ugly. The last one was written by a knitter so it has to be useful.

Wouldn't it be nice if I kept up with all of this (and walking) for the whole summer.

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