Saturday, October 01, 2016

Yawr boox ahr ovahdoo

The laugh of the week.

Aunt Vickie is actually my sister-in-law. Greathusbandbob's sister-in-law to be precise. In spite of being from Brooklyn, her New York accent is Jersey Kardashian times infinity. For whatever reason, this came naturally to my ears and out of my voice (unlike my Jamaican accent which sounds like a Spaniard living in the Baltics.)

On occasion I use this accent to get the attention of the kids I'm teaching. It's also handy to pull out when you feel like yelling at them but yelling isn't really called for. They are always begging for it.

Yesterday two girls reported to music directly after library, put their glasses down to the tips of their noses, looked over the top of them and proudly stated "Yawr boox ahr ovahdoo" in a pretty decent Aunt Vickie accent.

Hilarious. And the tradition lives on.

Also cracking me up is the collection of sheet music that came with the keyboard last week. I finally sorted through the stack and found-

Songs from Neil Diamonds, The Jazz Singer, hits from 1976 which included Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, the theme from Mash, the Alley Cat, the theme from Love Story and Morris Albert's Feelings.

There were others but if you are my family and you are reading this, you are already laughing your damn ass off.

Apparently we had the musical tastes of a 50ish year old gay man.

Aunt update. Being the hero he always is, while I was taking the cousin shopping, greathusbandbob went to Morgantown on a home game day to check on aunt. The amazing doctor called yesterday to say that she was having anesthesia/pain med related cognitive issues that will likely subside. And in fact according to husband she is- loopy, sleeping, talking in her sleep and out of it similar to the way she was last time. But this time the health care people are aware of it without us telling them so it's not so scary.

Today is the one year anniversary of cousin moving to the 'burg. We are celebrating with Laverne's famous apple dumplings and ice cream. I'm going to secretly pick up her friend to join us. She will be so surprised. I think we'll make a list of all the things she's been able to do that are new since she's been here.

What a difference a year makes.


kmkat said...

Actually, I think Alley Cat was from the 60s. I am old so I remember these things.

Sunshine said...

I am laughing my ass off! I think I still have most of them!!

As far as the cousin move, you better have a long piece of paper for that list to things she can do that are new for her!!