Monday, October 03, 2016

Unwanted company

le sigh.

Cousin slipped in the shower this am. The person we pay to help take care of her responded quickly (she's o.k.) and put her to bed only to find a bed full of unwanted guests. Bed. Bugs.


Greathusbandbob to the rescue- he and our helping friend removed mattress and bed springs and got on top of calling an exterminator. All of this while I made a last minute oh shit I forgot about it run to the big city for a meeting the superintendent called.

The girl has been really clean in the new place. That means she either brought them with her from over a year ago. Unlikely. They were there when she moved in, also unlikely. Or she picked them up at the drop-in center where she goes daily. After sharing these possibilities with her she casually mentioned. Oh yeah, the drop in center had bed bugs. From here on out there will be drop-in center clothes and house clothes and drop in center clothes go straight into hot water.

Aunt is still in hospital. When I called this evening she was trying to get to the bathroom without the giant person moving contraption.

I got home and went for a walk. While I detest the box store that begins with the letter W, ours happens to be on a high hill surrounded by bucolic scenery. It's the next best (and only) alternative to Zumba which would have meant another hour in the car.

I am so over this adulting business.

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