Friday, October 07, 2016

Brain in Action

Minding my own business, cutting out manipulatives I saw a piece of scrap paper good for a note or message.

I remembered a band student who would have received a "token" (good behavior reward) had he only taken one of those sheets and written down the number of minutes he practiced for band.

Then I thought about those tokens.  Maybe he didn't want one.  What are they good for anyway?  Tchotchkes from a school store.

Remember that time we had a food drive and let students use their tokens to buy food to donate to the food drive.  That was awesome.  Kids who couldn't spare extra food got to contribute.

Why didn't we do that last year?  Oh yea, that requires planning ahead of time and a principal who can follow through with the plan.

Oh wait, we have one of those now-I must immediately go tell her that we should do this.

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