Sunday, October 16, 2016

Details at 11:00

So I wanted this post to be something like "confused elderly rehab patient photobombs local hero" or something like that. There is a perfect news teaser to go with this picture. I just don't have it.


But I've just declared greathusbandbob the master of selfies in my head. Also I think he is very handsome.

He's wearing his Gabe's Steelers garb- new t-shirt and hoodie. We were trying to be gangstahs family visitors at the nursing home.

I had a matching hooded outfit but couldn't fit in the pic. It was another open the yarn room door surprise last week. Only this time I was slightly suspicious because he kept lurking in the hallway when I got home from school and doesn't usually show off his new clothes or wear a hoodie with the hood up in the house.

Also for all of my dog readers out there. Warning. This ramp leads to the gates of Hell and should NOT ever be used to get on a bed that's too high. No matter what, wait for your owners to lift you up onto the bed.



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