Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Last Day for Students Eve and also knit night.

Item one. For those who have a fitbit flex. If you forget to take it off at knit night, you can get your last two thousand steps of the day while sitting on your ass knitting.

Item two. While at knit night a girl, 6 or 7 with possible mild developmental delays, approached the table and showed her coloring book to everyone. Then she looked at our knitting and zoomed in on my sock. She asked what it was, said that she loved it, and gave it a kiss. Had it been done, I would have immediately stuck on some googly eyes and handed it over. As it is now, as far as I'm concerned, my socks are blessed.


It's the last day for students tomorrow. That means the summer will soon begin. So far, official plans include at trip to Aunt Sippy's, a meditation retreat weekend, and 2 weeks in Emerald Island North Carolina.

Unofficial plans (to be done only after some rigorous walking) include trying the new spindle, making infused water, and possibly investing in a vitamix that I may make smoothies a part of the daily routine. Last year mindless Internet traveling led to homemade pasta making. I don't want to make too many official plans because something interesting may come up. I'm looking at you, Pinterest.

Part of the reward for walking is listening to audiobooks. The longer I walk, the longer I get to listen. I'd be happy for any audiobook recommendations. I've done all of the David Sedaris - I need the next level of engaging!



kmkat said...

I have listened to The Song of Ice and Fire (that's the basis for Game of Thrones on HBO) several times -- and each book is 20-30 hours long. It's that good. All available on Audible.com.

Welcome to summer!

Becky said...

It's not necessarily "engaging" but librivox.org has free public domain audio books read by volunteers. Sometimes the readers are awesome, and sometimes they're ESL students, in which case you get to practice understanding foreign accents.

Roxie said...

Terry Pratchet has a long list of fantasy books that will keep you laughing and walking all day. Good for you!!