Monday, June 23, 2014

Another day at the office.

I will say this for the weekend's meditation retreat. Just as one goes to a therapist to gain clarity of mind, so goes one to a retreat such as this to gain clarity of body and presence.

It was lovely. With some new agey silliness. It's not every morning after breakfast you step outside to someone embracing a tree for 15 minutes. Also the bits of nature one woman brought to be mindful with was cacao. And if you are the lover of the tv show Portlandia as I am, then you know that I " 'bout lost my shit" inappropriately at that point.

There was zero walking for me but the flip side of that ws that all of the food served was vegan, gluten free, and dairy free. To be honest, I have no idea other than greens and beans what it was actually made of but no loss no gain in that department.

This morning's library treat was a few pages of "Constant Comment" ( a review of books known to be done not so anonymously by Dorothy Parker). Hilarious and one I might go back to. Reviewing a book called Lay Sermons by Lady Margaret something she notes that in spite of Lady M's opinions, the Thames was still full and wet. Also that the potential reader might do well to change the last word of the title to Off.

A joke now.

Q: What did the heart say to her misbehaving children in the back of the car?

A: if I have to stop, I'm going to pull over and give you a sound beating?

I didn't make that joke up but am lucky enough to have a friend lead me to it in improvisatory exchange. This also gives you a little taste of the laughing of the weekend.

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