Saturday, June 07, 2014

Summer plans are happening


This is going to be one of those dull, "look at me! Look at me!" posts. There are no funny stories, but "look at me!", wouldja?


Summer employment is underway. I've gotten all greens in my evaluations. I did take a Sunday off. I don't want to drive myself crazy.


Another plan was to investigate infused water. BFFAmber gifted me an infuser and it is splendid. While this pic is all about the strawberries and seltzer, cucumber infused water is my favorite by far. It's like drinking water with water. It's very watery in a good way.


Healthful eating is also part of the equation. Today I made a Greek garbanzo and black bean salad as a side dish to sweet potato/black bean/pepperjack cheese quesadillas. It was gourmet. It took all of the morning to prepare which gave me something to do between walks.


As HusbandBob will have little to do with any of the above ingredients, I took some bean salad to BFFAmber at work because she is not on summer vacation and didn't have lunch today.

And finally, after what I feared would be absolute failure, knitnightmarc guided me in formatting my 2TB external hard drive which I then renamed marcisagenius. KnitnightjustineMD may have shared a collection of audiobooks that will keep me walking well into September.



The rule is, if I get sick and tired of this job when school resumes, I have the option of quitting. If I do see some results, I will continue to "work" when school starts. (The option to quit is also part of the brain game I have to play).







Suzanne said...

You are doing great at your Summer "job". Stick with it. I have been told it takes 2 weeks to form a habit...good or bad.

Janet said...

I no longer think of it as a job but I'm not sure it will ever be a habit. I still need to know that I can quit at any time. That, and a healthy dose of chocolate, keep me going. Good Luck!