Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Promotion!

HusbandBob teaches one class of "you didn't learn enough in high school algebra and now you want to be a nurse" math during the fall and spring semester at the local private college. (They call it a university but I have my doubts.) Today we took a drive past the building where he teaches. We also went to the library.

There is a small but sufficient (even with a little Jesus bias) college library in our town. Within walking distance. (3 miles or so away). It opens at 8:30 am. That's when I like to walk. That's the distance I like to walk. I like books and libraries.

My new job description (begining next week) will be to walk to the library, get a cup of coffee from the coffee bar set up in the basement, read a book about something I know nothing about for a little bit, and walk home.

I was nothing less than gleeful throughout the visit. They gave me a library card. While HusbandBob is an educated man, he isn't the sponge of learning new stuff that I am. He smiled at my joy but couldn't necessarily feel it. But then, that's why I have a blog.

Also, I walked eight miles today in between thunderstorms. And yesterday YouTube taught me the two second shirt folding method and I cleaned out my closet and my dresser. Who Is This Person Living In My Body?





redsilvia said...

Srsly, this is why I adore you.

Happy new, shiny library card day to you.

kmkat said...

Yay, sock drawer! Yay, library card! Yay, eight miles!

Will I still recognize you in August?

Suzanne said...

You are doing amazing!

Becky said...

I freaking love your summer vacation in every possible way.

Kamao Poot said...

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Roxie said...

I used to administer placement tests to incoming nursing students. One young lady was furious because she had missed a math question by one decimal point. "What's the big difference in one decimal point?" she wanted to know. I do NOT want this woman figuring my dosages, thank you.