Wednesday, October 03, 2012

What to do while avoiding conflict...

Conflict? Not a big fan. Doesn't matter if I'm involved or not. Right wing rhetoric? Also extremely opposed. I thought I wanted to watch the debates but I was mistaken. Mr. Sophanne refused to repeat the good/bad lines but I have a feeling it will be harder to miss the salient points than it will be to see them.

Wanting to make the most of the evening, I swatched cascade for the stockings. Option a was a single strand with a size 4 needle. It's pretty sturdy fabric but likely wouldn't stand the years if it accidentally becomes an heirloom. Option b, Double strands on size 8 needles may be not so easy on the hands but makes a much sturdier knit.

I had to create my own tractor graph after all. The Finnish one was too large. Not interested in getting off my arse to look for graph paper, I bought a cross stitch design app and went to town. The only thing cooler than graph paper is an app with graph paper. I'd like to pretend that I'll now become rocking out stranded knitting mitten designer but as Chris Farley said in those SNL skits, that's another one of those things I'm never going to do.

The picture below is the top of the stocking. The red below the tractor is place for the little fellers names. The rest of the stocking will be like the green at the top with a yellow toe and heel. I'd really like for them to have that braided thing at the top ( the cross the strands business that has an alternating herringbone in green and yellow look) but the idea of doing that on three separate stockings sends chills down my spine. (but it could be a family treasure she says to herself...) hmmm... Maybe I can trick one of the knit nighters who have more patience to do it for me., or at least give me advice.


Roxie said...

That is just charming! You clever girl.

I. too. avoided the debates. And I skip anything that looks like political comment. I'm much happier that way.

Becky said...

I like to be up to date about political whatnots, but the debates stress me out. I keep yelling in my head "you only have two minutes! Talk faster! Talk better!" I just wait to hear about them the next day.

Also, I'm excited about this stocking, it's going to be awesome.