Saturday, October 06, 2012

Things that make me happy today

There are 2, no wait, 3, no wait, FOUR FIVE things making me happy this evening.

Thing #1- the weather.  I am so glad to have cool air surrounding me.  It's the first time in 2 months that I haven't broken into an unintentional sweat.  TMI?  Well, it means a lot to me.

Thing #2- My birthday present from Mr. Sophanne. Next Saturday we are going to hear the Pittsburgh Symphony do Mozart's Requiem.  This piece moves me like no other.  Mr. Sophanne was not excited about going to the symphony.  He was, however, glad to be making me as happy as happy can get.  Aunt of Sophanne says he'll fall asleep and snore.  I am crossing my fingers that he is moved by the experience and wants to do it again but I am not holding my breath.  If I get comfortable driving, Aunt of Sophanne and I will go to future events instead.  If driving means I get to go then comfortable I will get.  Aunt of Sophanne is hoping he'll snore.

Thing #3-  Knitting friends gathered for dinner and a trek to Natural Stitches, my favorite yarn store.  This time around, I looked at patterns and didn't buy as many random skeins of yarn.  That did not stop me from random skeins of Madeline Tosh sock yarn that I pretended to be gathering to make a couple of Color Affections.  Also garnered was enough Louet Gems sport weight to make Welcome Back Old Friend by Kathy Zimmerman and some chunky Lamb's Pride to try another Meg Swansen  Shawl Collared Vest.  I've made two and maybe this time I can get it "just right."  Can you guess which of these last three patterns is the most self-deluding?

Thing #4- The progress of the stockings.  The first attempt using fair isle ended up being a clumpy mess.  I switched to intarsia and things seem to be a little smoother.  Based on what I've seen online, blocking will work small miracles and this sample is pre-blocked.  I went for duplicate stitches on the tractor details.  It looks a little rough but I think it will look great from a distance.

Thing #5- As I was remembering the things I was happy about today, I had to keep adding on to the list and I completely forgot about the fact that the DMV (which was supposed to be open today) was closed because they get TWO days off for Columbus Day?  Seriously?  I'm thinking it's a right wing conspiracy to keep Pennsylvania voters from getting those i.d. cards- thankfully we don't need them this year.


Roxie said...

the stocking rocks! The symphony will be wonderful. Maybe Mr. S. will love it and suggest that aunt of sophanne joins you in future outings. He is a good man!

The new yarns are a good investment!

Janet said...

I am so glad that you have so many things to be happy about. But having a husband willing to do something just to make you happy -- you are one lucky woman. (I'm sure you know that.) Happy Birthday by the way!