Sunday, October 14, 2012

Devoted Husbandry

Here we see Mr. Sophanne watching the third quarter of the Mountaineer Game, dressed and ready to leave IN THE MIDDLE OF IT to go hear the Pittsburgh Symphony.

And here I am in front of Heinz Hall, waiting for things to begin.

What a performance.  

I don't listen to much music.  When you hear the sounds I hear all day long, it's necessary to sort of "clear the palette."  By the time the palette is cleared the evening/weekend is usually over and it's back to work.

The thing that makes music music is that you can't express what it says or does with words.  If you could, there would be no need for it.  The part of me that wants to share the experience with you is piling words upon words of boring description.  The part of me that has any sense at all knows I might as well just say, "It was Awesome." and leave it at that.  I will add though, that tears fell uncontrollably from my eyes for the first five minutes because the sounds were so beautiful.

And, while we did have directions to get there, I managed to navigate Mr. Sophanne in and out of the city without any back tracking, illegal u-turns or traffic citations.


Suzanne said...

Your description is wonderful...and glad there were no traffic citations!

Cindy said...

He is, most definitely, a keeper;-P And, Mozart's Requiem does the same to me.

Sunshine said...

After listening to your description I purchased it on itunes and have been listening to it. It is beautiful.

Sunshine said...

Did he snore????

Roxie said...

Give him a nice kiss on the nose for me! He has earned it!