Monday, June 18, 2012

Mia Sofia and more.

New yarn store in the area.  It's not quite ready for prime time yet.  They have a variety of cascade, some fingering malabrigo and some brand I can't remember and never heard of. They say they are getting more yarn- heavier weights of malabrigo- variety is definitely limited.

On the up side- they gave away free chochtkes- they have a nice logo and a friendly employee.

On the down side, they had never heard of Ravelry, the main employee when I visited this morning prefers the scrapbook and machine embroidery rooms they've got going on, and the store is filled with crochet doll clothes and slightly creepy dolls. (Not that there's anything wrong with that- but I can get that at the local flea market)  

They've only been in business for a week so judgement is to be withheld for a while.  Naturally, I had to "support your local LYS" and bought some cascade sock yarn in a color that's the opposite of me and some knitting sticks for the chillun's in Switzerland we are visiting who will be age-ready to knit.

After browsing the Ravelry and doing some searching, I have started Moderne Log Cabin with the overload of Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool that I was somehow compelled to purchase.  What was I thinking?  I'll probably have enough to make a second one if I'm not particular about the colors.  

Note to self- when you buy more than 20 skeins of the same brand yarn, you are not thinking rationally no matter HOW good of a sale WEBS is having.  

Pictured colors are pretty accurate- I'm calling them dark periwinkle, rust, charcoal and camel.  It's a whole lot of garter stitch but that's just as well, as Mr. Sophanne got the xbox Arkham City Batman game and it takes both of us.  Maybe I'll name the blanket Arkham City.

Last week I finished (but did not block) the never ending Clockwork.  The great thing about this pattern is that you can put it down for a while and when you pick it up, you know exactly where you are.  No tricky business.  It's a whole lot of garter stitch with a few opportunities to miss a slipped stitch or carry yarn in front- which I took advantage of regularly  

It's Madeline Tosh some kind of puple and gray fingering weight and hopefully I'll be able to hang on to this one and not feel compelled to give it away to the first person who compliments it (as I am wont to do-yes kmkat- another spelling coup)


vanfox23 said...

I still have to get there...maybe I'll wait until they are better stocked...then again, maybe I won't :-)

Roxie said...

If that yarn store has anything that you really like, keep an eye on it. It doesn't sound as if they'll be in business long, and you could score big on a close-out sale.

Clockwork just rocks! What a fun design.

Your log cabin colors are splendid. That's going to be a classy blanket. But, starting a wool blanket in June? Isn't it going to be HOT in August with all that wool on your lap?

kmkat said...

Good work on the spelling ;-). I seem to recognize the camel Silky Wool in the blanket -- those four colors look great together.

JelliDonut said...

Some gorgeous stuff on this page! As for the LYS not knowing about Ravelry--there's only 2 million members there, so I doubt it catches on. Hehe.

Marie said...

Where is the new store?

Marie said...

Where is the new store?