Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Awesomeness of Tara

Some of you know her as knitnightTara from previous posts.

Tara is the person who says,

Do you need cupcakes?  I'll make them.

Do you want me to block that for you?

You can have this needleholder when I make a new one.

My double points before:

My double points after:

How this wrap looks when it's blocked well:

I've only really known Tara for a couple of years via knit night.  Yet when I found out I could reach her instantly via iMessage from the iPad, there was a sigh of crafty relief knowing that at any time, day or night, I can say Tara, how do I?   and she will respond with not only suggestions on how to but also with enough why questions that will lead to you could... that will be an idea ten times better than the one I had.

The few times you've seen her on the blog don't even describe the the lengths she is willing to go to help people have fun and do well in their crafting and living life days.  And that, my friends, is THE AWESOMENESS OF TARA!

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Roxie said...

People likeTara make life worth living.