Monday, September 12, 2011

Things I would have preferred not to have heard today

The Neil Diamond song "I'm a Believer" rewritten to a song about eating vegetables in the mobile ag-science lab at school.

The fifth grade teacher saying "That outfit is really slimming." Hello! Why don't you just say Hey FatA$$- you wear black well.

The insurance company saying "We have no record of your check for $926.53." and also discovering that they took your husbands car off of the insurance instead of the one you traded in.

We did this last week.

It's a full moon.

I'm sure there were more that I've blocked out but those were the best and really set the tone for the day.

On the other side- the video is progressing nicely. It's mostly turning out the way I imagined. There are just a few more teachers I have to get clips from. The plan for my portion is to have people videotape me at various locations and in various situations saying "just a minute- I have one more clip to add" and possibly me snoozing on the laptop. The secretary at school had a dream that I sang "Goodnight Sweetheart" at the end of it and I may have to do it to make dreams come true.

The sweater is also coming along and if nothing else provides some meditation time for me to regroup and start over tomorrow.


Suzanne said...

I hope you can share you video with us in blogland. I was telling my daughter about it...wonderful idea!

Sunshine said...

Was going to call you, but I guess yesterday would not have been a good day to call . Hope you have a better day today!!!!

Roxie said...

Some people say the wrong thing with the best of intentions. Evidently you were wearing a good looking outfit!

Luck on the video! Do we say, "Break a leg," for video, or is that just for live theatre? Hope we can see it too.

Did you get the insurance straightened out? Thank heaven you caught it early.

Anonymous said...

If you need help with those video editing programs let me know. I'll put you in touch with #2 Son, who works at a video post-production firm. He is my go-to guy for anything technical.