Friday, February 18, 2011

What we've resorted to...

Lunchtime is still a blathering of (insert slight WV twange here) "well I said to Aunt Mavis, I said..." and "Uncle Junior is related to the Bookers on the Mom's side andher sister is married to my mother's brother-in-law..."

Oh the humanity....

The secretary and I have resorted to making a laughing game whenever a piece of lunchtime popcorn misses our mouth and falls to the floor. We are so easily amused.

Speaking of the secretary, I covered for her in the office yesterday afternoon. Let it be said that I know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about shorthand. She knows it, does it, and rocks it. One time I jokingly came in and said "Take a memo." and she pulled out the notepad and wrote every word I said.

Yesterday, feeling the Power of the Secretary Chair, I pulled out the steno pad and wrote some squiggles of my own and asked her to translate them. Turns out I am skilled with the ability to write meaningful shorthand words without understanding what I say. I can WRITE shorthand- I just don't know what I'm writing.

could you come over to play. Company information. Come prepared you have to work in.

Mr. Sophanne says I was a stenographer in a former life. I say maybe it's like a Ouija board into my subconscious.


Anonymous said...

I still use my shorthand skills when I'm taking notes. They are forever useful, but some words look like gibberish if you're not careful. You must have been as Executive Secretary in another life. Or, a scribe, maybe?

Roxie said...

Did you ever watch Perry Mason? I always admired the heck out of his secretary. You were just channeling your inner Della Street.

That poor woman - so desperate for your attention that she drives you to ignore her. Wish I knew a cure for verbal diarheah

Anonymous said...

Shorthand? Srsly?

If I wanted to tune out the lunch rabble, I'd get noise cancelling headphones and a learn French CD. And quiche.