Wednesday, February 02, 2011

In my imagination

I am here.

In reality, the thrill of this wintry day was the arrival of a "callus reducer" for my feet and the fact that my heels no longer resemble flaking rhinoceros skin. I thought the above made a better picture since it's going to take a few more rounds to get those feet in shape. As an added bonus, today is the first day in many that we are not under a hazardous weather advisory, so that's kind of nice too.

Really, I have nothing, but Aunt of Sophanne pointed out that it had been some time since my last post and I felt an urge to remedy that.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Aunt of Sophanne. I was wondering about you. What is that green that Lil Liza Jane is standing on? she looks happy so it must not hurt.

Becky said...

Thank you for that photo, I think we all need some green today!

vanfox23 said...

can I be there in your imagination too? I'm a tad bit sick of white and gloomy. Ready for warmth and color!!

Roxie said...

Thank you for sharing a pinch of summer with us. Be sure to get a picture of the snow, now, to help you feel better when the August heat wave rolls over us.

Cozy warm hugs'n'love

Marshall Lynch said...

this dog is too refreshing picture,i love it.

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