Sunday, February 06, 2011

Lean Times

it is for the blog, lean times.

Add to that a misplaced camera and I might just as well write "insert blog post here."

Item One- New Find

I've recently crawled out from the rock under which I'd apparently been living and discovered Netflix. It's perfect for the iPad and officially makes me glad that I purchased it.

Now between 9-9:30 pm as Mr. Sophanne is watching "Sons of Anarchy" or "Gangland" or that zombie t.v. show, I can pull out the iPad click, wait a few seconds and have 1940's film noir at my fingertips. I watch about twenty minutes of it and return to it like an old friend the next night. Edgar G. Robinson in his less gangster-like roles has been the featured actor of choice. There is something about the style of those movies that captivates me.

Item Two-Lunches

For the last year, Mr. Sophanne has been making an extra sandwich for me in the morning so I haven't been packing my lunch. These aren't your generic PB&J's. These humble Dagwood Bumstead. Meat (a roast, meatloaf, baked chicken- all done the Sunday night before), lettuce, tomato, cheese, sometimes avacado, condiments all on a toasted bagel smashed to perfection in a plastic sandwich container. (the lunchtime conversation about whether those were special bagels, or if we had a sandwich smasher will be saved for another day- I'm not sure I can share it without sounding all smarty-pants.)

He also takes the "meat of the week" and often prepares a rice-a-roni- broccoli dish for dinner. While I am not one to look a gift sandwich in the mouth, I've noticed that I have become mean and sort of logey. I'm starting to wonder if my body isn't saying "TOO MUCH MEAT!"

This week for lunch I'm on my own and I've made plastic container sizes of layered refried bean taco salad. (and I ask you is there anything better on the planet than sour cream and cream cheese mixed together in spreadable goodness? I think not) Lunchtime continues to be a "one-upping gossip fest" and I'm hoping that this concoction will at least give me one reason to get up in the morning. The verdict is out as to whether it will taste as good on day 5 as it did on day one. I've got black beans and rice and hummus in the plans for the next couple of weeks. It might be my new thing to figure out on Sundays.

Item Three- Mean and Logey

Last week while eating dinner, it was all I could do not to throw my food to the floor and scream at Mr. Sophanne "YOU SOUND LIKE A PIG WHEN YOU EAT!!" He does a little bit but this isn't something new and generally I've grown accustomed to it. Later that night as he was negotiating the Wii game "Spore" I had to physically restrain myself from grabbing the remote and screaming "YOU"VE BEEN TRYING TO JUMP ONTO THAT @#$ #$)W%(*@ MUSHROOM FOR TWENTY MINUTES NOT COUNTING THE TIME YOU SPENT TRYING TO DO IT LAST WEEK!!! HE CAN'T JUMP UP THERE!!!!"

These are more powerful than the normal hormones at work. These required medication and even then were only slightly muted. I know not from whence they come. I've been able to keep them subdued at school but mostly because kids know the warning signs and have been treading lightly.

I woke up yesterday morning and these violent tendencies seemed to have passed for the moment. I sent him off to the casino for a day of quiet just in case. I also suggested that he go because he had a sniffly nose and was whining about not knowing whether to go or not. There's just only so much a girl can take. Some people catch colds. Me, I catch irrational psychotic tendencies that come and go like colds.


kmkat said...

I think there may be a lot of irrational psychotic tendencies going around at this time of year.

Carrie K said...

Ditto to that.

Yarnhog said...

I know from whence they come. You're about my age, right? Have you had night sweats? Pimples? Periods that come when you least expect it, or don't show up when you do? Because I also have the "going to rip the face off the nearest person who has done absolutely nothing wrong but somehow managed to irritate me into a rage just by existing" hormones, and they are accompanied by all of the above.