Sunday, December 05, 2010

Random Mutterings

Muttering #1
Today I am wondering if there is a style in haute couture called Ninja by day, Bag Lady by night. If there is, I am the poster child. If it's black, I'll wear it to work and if it's baggy I'll wear it at home and if it's both (yet to be acquired), I may never take it off. That being said, someone tell me why I knit an adult surprise jacket in the color of sharpie markers.

Muttering #2
Perhaps like many of you, I can start the laundry with good intentions. There seems to be a breakdown when it's time to move the clean folded clothes from the laundry area to the clothes storage places. Today I'm trying a new method. I'm taking them (unfolded and in a basket-these modern contraptions are fabulous) to the storage place and then folding them. I'll let you know how this works out.

Muttering #3
The religion chosen for my sister and I by our parents was Judiasm for the first 10 years or so. We were always only that, but not having connected to it for many years, it's not really a part of who I am now. Last week a teacher came into my room and all of her students wished me a Happy Hanukkah. I didn't even know it was Hanukkah. It created discomfort for me. I smiled and nodded thanks and moved on. What's a girl to do? Is it the thought that counts?

Muttering #4
I'm not really going to knit one pattern from every book. That was a good way to cull the books- they found a good home a few blocks away (and if I ever really really need that knitting basics book again, I know someone who might have it-until she chooses to cull it which is o.k. by me)

Muttering #5
A note to summer self. The sweaters and warm things that you knit are very convenient in the cold weather. Don't downplay their importance.

Muttering #6
There is really not one thing that I like about the holiday season except for when it's over. After that comes the feeling of guilt that comes from not buying into the whole thing and the never-ending attachment to snow days.

Muttering #7
One thing that might make the next two weeks tolerable is that I've decided that everyone I work with should have theme music. At first I thought mine would be Simple Gifts (tis a gift to be simple...) but then The Claw suggested the music to Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. I must be doing a good job of faking jollity and that's an accomplishment. It's been great fun exploring the possibilities for others. What's your theme song these days?


Roxie said...

There are some dark dreary days when my theme would be "Volga Boatmen" and other days when "Joy to the World" plays. Today, it's cold and sunny outside and it's nice to be inside. "Chestnuts roasting on an Open Fire."

The whole holiday hooha can be a burden of expectations. But we have a primitive need to celebrate the turn of the solstice: the point when days start getting longer, when the light begins to return. In the old days, they would bring a cartwheel if they were rich enough to have a cart, or they would imitate the circle of the year with a wreath. They would put it flat on the floor, put candles on it, or if they couldn't afford candles, a whisp of dry grass dipped in fat. Then, when all the lights were lit, everyone in the houshold would help to push the wheel around to turn the year back to the light time. Maaybe you could do something like that to get you through the next few weeks.

My husband and I both come from alcoholic families. We almost never do big family things. Our holidays are very low-key, and we like it like that.

Mountain Mama said...

You're a Mean One, Mrs. Grinch. ;)

Sunshine said...

Chanukah isn't a big deal holiday! So that you didn't remember it, is also no big deal. The only reason I remembered is because I live in the middle of Jewish town! You should remember what you believe in....and that's a fact!

Roxie said...

My e-mail is

kmkat said...

A Sharpie-colored adult surprise jacket would look awesome with a black t-shirt (or turtleneck) and black pants. Just sayin'...

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