Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ben and the BabyBabies

Are taking a road trip to House of Sophanne!


In preparation for a little more festive setting (we had zero decorations) Mr. Sophanne put up some icicle lights. I put some Christmas cards around the window. We don't send cards (except we have some around when we want to send some money to relatives) so the number of cards we receive is minimal. (and if I really had to be honest, 2 of the 5 cards in view came from my sister and her family and one came from our insurance agent.)

To rectify this and make it look not so pathetic, we put up a couple of cards that we had to send. Mr. Sophanne thought a blank card hanging might be tacky so inside one he wrote.

"This card is for decorational purposes only. If you are reading it, Merry Christmas anyway."

He cracks me up

Also waiting in the wings are these:

which I'm imagining will be rolling in flour on our table at some point.

Finally, I also made sure to have on hand the "3 CH's" of feeding children. CHicken nuggets, kraft mac n CHeese, and CHeerios.

Again I say YIPPEE!

ETA- and in further yippiness- I found the Queen Anne's Lace Pattern!


kmkat said...

I think I love Mr. Sophanne, too!

Roxie said...

I know someone who gift-wraps her framed pictures for the season with ribbons AND bows as well. Colored paper and ribbon festives a place right up! Hooray for lights and trucks!

knitwonpurltoo said...

Yay and Yippee!!!!!!

Lydee said...

i hope you had lots of fun!