Monday, July 15, 2019

Vacation Wrap up

This little cutie- greathusbandbob's grandniece- got all of the action. She's 20 months and is an endless fountain of giggles and smiles.

Last year the girls (now mostly teenagers) organized a tea party for everyone in our Canadian rental.  They took orders, expected promptness from everyone and baked chocolate chip cookies for the occasion.  This year the youngest grandniece along with the granddaughter decided there should be a talent show.  And so there was. The group photo set up by one of the camera savvy nephews.  

We had an ice-cream party to celebrate the sister-in-laws retirement and the nephew's birthday. And really the rest of the week was doing whatever anyone felt like.  Having paid for the rental, greathusbandbob and I were relieved of the responsibility of preparing any food. There was a rather disastrous trip to the nail salon for daughter of Bob and I but it's not even worth going into.

This was enough entertainment for me.  

Two more gratuitous baby shots that the grandnieces just happen to be in.  The one in the water is the mama who is expecting another baby in October.

Monday, July 08, 2019

Vacation Haiku #1

Is that the ocean?
Or the air-conditioner?
At least one's working.

Saturday, July 06, 2019

How to drive 8 hours

Also called vacation day 0.1

Rent a Lincoln Navigator, knit a sock, listen to Greathusbandbob stories and episodes of  and Johnny Dollar. Medicate the deg-or just give her an airplane pillow, and drink a Starbucks iced coffee. What with the regular dog walks, Fitbit says I made 6000+ steps- it may have been counting my knitting.



Regular text exchanges and travel updates from the family gang also help . also help. This is Rowan she will be the youngest in the house and will very likely beat Liza in the contest for the center of attention. Here she can be seen wondering why they are driving instead of flying.

And while I’m not absolutely sure, here it looks like she’s just mad to be wearing shorts.

Son Ian and granddaughter Eloise sent their we’re badasses on a bus picture- (heading to the airport)

It was hard to explain the look to greathusbandbob so we ended up with this- we’ll let the ride do the talking.

The whole experience reminded me of ants working together to meet at the ant hill.  

Thursday, July 04, 2019

It’s for the birds

The latest creation-

I feel like the picture on the right is Gangsta Ryan.  He didn’t start the fire (The Office joke)

Setting aside schoolwork always sets my brain free.  Today it was this for the gang traveling to meet this weekend.

I started putting together some things and wanted to share with the gang-

Then Liza made sure I knew she was available as well.

Having finished Ryan this afternoon I spent the rest of the evening loading playlists onto the Fitbit watch.  Tomorrow it will be gathering travel knitting.  There will be birds. Oh, and did I mention that we will go puppy hunting when we get back?  Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Pedicure survival tip #12

A hefty shot of tequila makes dissociating easier. And there happened to be just that much left in the bottle that had to be thrown away so the cleaning lady wouldn’t think I was a closet alcoholic.

Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Once an exhibitionist...

If you believe the stories that adults tell about when you were little, then the following is true-

As a small child I got new underwear (maybe with ruffles- can't be sure.)  I was so pleased with them that I showed them to everyone on a city bus.  I do not remember this occasion but have it from a quasi-reliable source.

Now at the age of 53 I have reverted to similar behavior.

This morning's workout with the trainer ended with me touching my toes.  Something I haven't done since I probably was that young child.  I was so pleased with myself that I told the bus story to a stranger at the gym and gave a toe touching demonstration.  Then as I was leaving I shared it with the people at the front desk.  I was simply so very pleased with myself.

The muscles had tightened a little by the time I got home for a picture (my knees were straighter at the gym) but I swear I did it.  I had to apply the sketch app to it because honestly there is still too much white ploof to behold in one picture.

Also today I rowed for 5 minutes instead of three.  I want to get good at that rowing thing.

The Littlest Birds Sing the Prettiest Songs

That is the title of a song sung by a band called the BeGoodTanyas.  One time I listened to only it on the hour and a half trip to the Ville of Steuben.  One reason I love it so much is that to me it sounds like they are singing The Little Assed Birds Sing the Pretty Assed Songs.

Drknitnightjustine- also known as the sender of surprise gifts- is one of the friends on the planet who gets and encourages me in all of my quirkiness.

The next bird will be either a large one done in bulky yarn with peacock feathers eventually added- thanks to another friend who has easy access to such accouterments- or an installation of blackbirds either to be attached to a stick to be hung on a wall or as a mobile.  There are bird cages to be searched out at flea markets.  There is a fake fica tree at school to be adorned.  The theme for the start of the school year will be birds.

While it is difficult to see, I love the idea of duplicate stitches, sequins, feathers and beads.  My fingers are very happy as they try to sew on  sequins.

Baby birds in lace weight and size below zero needles.  It just feels like the possibilities are endless.

In other future adventures, said drknitnightjustine and I have the first weekend in August blocked out as a train ride to NYC.  I've done some research on off the beaten path possibilities.

I'm thinking one of the above in lieu of the more standard Broadway show.  And while still interested in the kosher vegan chinese dumplings that can be found in Chinatown and some people watching while enjoying cannolis and macaroons in Little Italy, we also may want to expand our horizons and take the subway to Red Hook in Brooklyn which advertises the highest population of hipsters in NYC  (along with independent shops and art galleries.)

Any one of the below for dining possibilities-

And possibly this store of curiosities from the natural world as a stepping off point-

It is a collection of events that have made me want to be a writer in the world.  The apple pen is foremost among  them.  It writes on the ipad and I use it in an app called NotesPlus.  I've always loved the feel of writing.  This makes that happen without having to keep track of notebooks.  The feel is amazing.

Gail Sher speaks to writing with an eastern philosophical slant (One Continuous Mistake: the Four Noble Truths of Writing and The Intuitive Writer: Listening to Your Own Voice)  The latter was an airport bookstore purchase on the way home from South Africa.  One of the first paragraphs in this book was about how South Africans frequent the phrase "Is it?" in response to conversation rather than "Really?" Finding such an obscure conversation at the right place at the right time has always seemed significant to me and I often find myself going toward it without knowing what to do.

One of the suggestions to get started writing in a less intimidating way is to write a haiku a day.  I've always been a fan of the haiku. I have written three-

writing a novel
about someone else.

Losing all the words
Not to be found in the trash
read it again
(this one came about after accidentally deleting all of the notes I had taken while reading her book)

from the apple pen
words flow like juice from the fruit
getting to the core.

I must say, this has been one of the most productive summers to date.