Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Winter program streamlined.

Once upon a time there were notebooks. And lists. And more lists. And xeroxed copies of lists. If 30+ years does nothing else it teaches one to streamline. Pictured here is the list of songs with page numbers. A treat from the sound guy who is also my "sub" for the day (I give him the day- he sets up and breaks down the equipment) and also works at a bakery.  Some knitting for all the time there is to hurry up and wait.  The only thing not pictured is the list of where kids stand and the Reader's Digest Christmas Songbook.

It’s 30 minutes before the show and already the grownups are pouring in to get the best seat.

And still there is healthy news to share. Pictured below you will see the short stage with risers.

Last year at this time the idea of one big step to get up there (in case of emergency) from the gym floor was unimaginable.  This year, no problem.  Next year I want my core to be solid enough to be able to hop down without fear of losing my balance-though I likely won’t do it because I don’t want to break my hip.

There is an extra pair of mittens no more.  I gave them to my millennial sound guy. He works at a restaurant.  I know he will have snow to shovel. He immediately put them on and clapped his hands and  although very manly in a hipster way, may have been heard to sqeaul with delight.  Now THAT'S how to receive a knitted gift.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Wait, this is a knitting blog?

The mittens for the students are finished.
  There is also a new 100 watt bulb for the lace that’s next.

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Cashew. Gesundheit.

Make a soaked cashew cream sauce they said.  It will be great they said.  Just add a nut milk and food process they said.  I did what they said opting for fully loaded coconut milk and adding garlic and tahini.  And I ended up with a cream sauce that could compete with any Alfredo I’ve ever had.  Just a small sampling over some boiled red potatoes with plenty left to put over pasta later.

Cooking.  Have some basic ingredients on hand.  Pick something to be the main ingredient.  Think of a texture and a flavor. See what happens.

Friday, December 08, 2017

No Nap. No Pizza.

But it was a close one.  I was starving on the drive home and so ready for a GIANT double cheese pizza.  I knew I was in trouble.  I’ve also been exhausted all day which meant that if I napped, the odds of pizza would have increased exponentially.

Instead I cooked brown rice pasta in vegetable stock. Added leftover celery and carrots.  When you cook brown rice pasta you boil for 2 minutes and let stand covered for 16. That seems wrong but it turned out well.  The best brown rice pasta to date. Which I think is partly due to leaving it alone and not trying to get fancy.  Then small corn tortilla shells with refried black beans and Mexican cheese folded over and fried in a pan like mini quesadillas.  Also filling and pretty tasty. However many calories I may have eaten I’m certain it doesn’t equal a giant pizza.  Also I’m pretty sure I won’t need any Roland’s later.  Crisis averted.

I’ve taken to running on the indoor track now and again.  I even did a half mile of walking/running before Zumba last night. I’ve held on to the new number in the tens column for three weigh-ins (morning and night)  so I’m losing a little again.  Pretty close to 35 so far.

Friday, December 01, 2017

When you can't predict the future, you should just laugh at the present

Item number the one- A pre-k aide shared this story with me-  The classroom teacher told the kids that before they lined up they had to spell their names for the teacher.

T: Harrison, spell your name for me.
Harrison: B............ I............. N.............G.......O.

Can't you just hear it?  If I need to laugh that's a go-to story.

Item number the two-  GreathusbandBob filled in his own name in an office with no one running.  He received a letter last week that told him he had tied with another candidate and they would draw straws on Monday at noon.  He may, in fact, become the local Minority Election Inspector in this community that is sorely lacking in minorities. (if you click it you should be able to read it if so inclined.)  He said that next time he's going to make sure I write him in too so he'll win by 50%.

The last moment of blog hilarity involves the as yet unending saga of where the dog would like to sit.  We moved the chair.  She's happy in it.  Mostly.  Every now and then she puts her paws on the arm of my chair and leans over without actually coming over.  If you invite her to come across or try to pick her up she gets a little snappy. I ignored it, put her on the lap and there she stayed for the rest of the evening. It's better than my weighted blanket.

And finally I've moved from getting snappy during program prep to being hilarious.  Also my filter shuts off.  It should be a great week and a half.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Musicological journey through the 12 days of Christmas- also Hey Lisa Simpson

This is absolutely going to work for my class-

I also found a cheat sheet and will be able to introduce some of the pieces used at the end as part of this semesters work with style periods.

Hey Lisa Simpson, you're the best and thanks for continuing to read the blog!

Monday, November 27, 2017

One hour for the win

I danced the whole hour at Zumba tonight (as opposed to having to stop because I feared I might have a heart attack)   A second new friend and I chatted- her name is Julie.  She counts every class we have as in "there's another one down."  Which is actually confusing to me because it sort of implies there's a set number that we'll get to.

There was a woman in the back who was struggling and I had planned on saying hey to her afterwards.  Then I heard "Hey Mrs. Terry!" and she was the mom of former students.  It's funny how it works.  I knew her last name- always called her "Mama Lastname."  Then as I drove home all three of her kids appeared in my head as well as the time I shut the youngest ones hand in a door on his birthday and the first baseball game of the season.  Her middle initial and signature also appeared in my head.

I get it-that's how people think and all- but I am the girl who remembers absolutely nothing prior to 1980.

And finally- music teacher friend story time.

Once upon a time I went to a summer workshop.  There was a music teacher I recognized from the southern part of the state.  She recognized me.  We were not friends.  In fact, I thought, by the looks of her she was probably a horrible judgy mcjudgejudge person. (note the irony) I later learned she thought the same of me. (We we’re both right, sort of.)We ended up sitting next to one another at a group lunch and after a glass of wine realized  we were sisters from a different mother.

This made us happy and made for a laughing summer- I paid a visit to her house once- then I got married, we lost touch- then Facebook.  We reconnect, exchange a few words etc etc.  Several years later I see that she has become a knitter.  And then a few years after that I discover that although she doesn't advertise it like I do, she is a fan of the ridiculous sci-fi movies that I love.  How can that even be?  Two friends, separate lives,  no keeping in touch, same favorite things. Same very eclectic favorite things.

Nowadays there are random Facebook texts with knitting questions and newly discovered movies (although she is much more a connoisseur than I am).  Also I've let her know that if, in our dotage, we both find ourselves occasion or need for companionship it would be a travesty not to grow old and die together.

Until then we always have these-

IMDb: The Twonky (10 June 1953 (USA))
Tweedy college professor discovers his new TV set is animate, apparently possessed by something from the future, and militantly intent on regulating his daily life.

IMDb: The Tingler (29 July 1959 (USA))
An obsessed pathologist discovers and captures a parasitic creature that grows when fear grips its host.


IMDb: The Monster That Challenged the World (June 1957 (USA))
Giant mollusk monsters attack California.