Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Week two day three

Item one- investment tip. Go for the cooling businesses. That global isn't going to stop warming anytime soon.

Item two- walking has occurred three days this week but curtailed by half this morning. See above

Item three- "what are you doing this summer?" As per my list a few posts ago, I've changed my plans. I'm recovering and relaxing. Who says I have "to do" even after a week or three. Plans are "to be." And study Spanish.

Item four- new friend named Nicole at knit night last night. An youngish odd bird who rode her bike to knit night. She started conversation by asking "how do you drink your coffee" which led to chats about beverages of choice, coffee snobs (which we are not) and top shelf liquor snobs (which we are). She has been a nurse in NICU for some years and is taking a break to see if that's where she will stay. She loves math and wants to take a test to become an actuary. She was very interesting and I hope she comes back.

Item five- item number three leaves this post lacking and I haven't taken any pictures lately. There is a wedding to go to this weekend of first grade teacher friend. There is some knitting that is progressing nicely. There is Orange is the New Black for when a break from politics is required.

Time to be.

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Kathryn Kienholz said...

I considered being an actuary, but even though I am Mensa-qualified, I wasn't smart enough.