Monday, June 05, 2017

Vacay Day 2

Item the one- pay the damn bills. For so long there was so little money that I haven't gotten past dreading it yet. Also it's so much easier than in the past. Do you remember checks and envelopes and stamps!

Item the two- was a valiant attempt at extended napping that did not happen because I had not yet done items one or three.

Item the three-write and send an appeal to an insurance company over a $7000 bill. My hope is that the rehab center just failed to submit properly. There was so much wrong about that place.

Item the four- 54 day streak on DuoLingo and some work on Babbel. I remember a lot but I'm afraid if I go too fast, I'll forget.

Item the five- is a non item. It was raining this morning and I did not take the three mile walk I took the last three days. I wasn't mentally ready this morning anyway but am looking forward to tomorrow's so that's a good thing.

Item the last-I'm undertaking a grand yarn project that will span across several days. I am frogging all of my incomplete stashed projects. I feel like I should have gone with before and after pictures as an artistic statement on process. What I really can't believe is all of the lace projects I've never finished and the degree to which I did finish them. I frogged the beautiful today. Part of this activity will also be taking stock so here are the pics.



I love yarn.


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Kathryn Kienholz said...

I like winding yarn and organizing the stash and generally playing with yarn almost as much as actually knitting with it. It's all about the yarn.