Saturday, June 17, 2017

Here she comes


One of my school bff's. We know she's one of my friends when just before she starts down the aisle she panics and says "someone take my gum." It was such a lovely wedding and I was truly happy to be there which, when I thought about it hasn't happened all that often.

The other bonus of the day was hanging with my true school bff secretarysandy


We have excellent smiles because when I held up the iPod touch at first I looked at the screen and said "where are we?" It looked like this


Then I found the switch it button. You know it's the best bff when you can look at the people in the world, look at each other and know just what the other is thinking. It's one of those unspoken mmmmmhmmmmm's.

The rest of the evening was some mandala crocheting with yet another yarn. I think this is the one.


And finally there are two people that I know that I adore having babies this late fall so I will soon be on the baby present hunt.


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