Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sights that made me happy today

This coolant leaking dehumidifier outside rather than in and no longer causing dizziness and light-headedness.

This bench/headboard once at the foot of the bed and likely the cause of puppy's ongoing knee pain. (She used it to jump up to the bed.)


The best seltzer there is on sale 12 bottles /$7. The first time I've seen it at the local box store.


A stack of aunt's tax documents ready for a meeting with a new tax accountant who does understand email and returning phone calls.


Lo Mein for lunch with NurseShelly tomorrow. She's going to make crab Rangoon!


Flowers delivered to aunt put together by a former student starting a business at half the cost of online non-personal florists.


The puppy (husky/pit) that stopped by aunt's room this afternoon while I was visiting.


The women and men who were out in full force yesterday.



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