Friday, January 13, 2017

Crack me up

Maybe the blog is a coping mechanism. Maybe it's a catalyst for coping mechanisms. As in "I'm going to do this for myself now so I can blog about it later."

Either way-

Yesterday and today I woke up early and did some cardio. Not a ton. Not 10,000 steps. Just five minutes worth of belly dancing so I could feel my hips again and eight minutes of cardio to be sure my heart could still beat.

I went to the teacher friends who are intense worker outers and post about it on the book of face and said "hey thanks. Also I'll be reporting to you each Friday"

Then I went to the pre-k aide Zumba teacher and asked her to make me a sticker chart. She looked at me, tilted her head sideways and then said yes. Later she brought this and I was allowed to choose the kind of stickers I wanted (frogs, stars, smiley faces)-


She's the best. Lunchtime nurseShelly asked what my reward was going to be if I earned all my stickers. I paused, puzzled, then said the stickers ARE the reward.

In the category of care taking, greathusbandbob has pneumonia. Lizajane is gimpy again-same leg. Aunt is a getting in and out of bed and in and out of her room step away from leaving rehab and going back to her apartment and the cousins bedbugs have been declared exterminated by Terminex.

Here's a little secret that I don't want going too far. I haven't hated my job lately. It's been a year of adoration and appreciation from kids. Some make it a point to give me a hug in the morning as they enter the building. Others beg for fist bumps and high fives as they are standing in lines in the hallways, and still others wave goodbye in the evenings. They see me and I see them. Being seen is important.


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