Tuesday, March 25, 2014

More things to do.

The pattern that I've noticed is that I like to do new things when there is time and no pressure.

It's hard to top roller derby but here's what's happening.

On Monday I spent the day at the niece's birthday bowling party. Twenty-six girls. I will now and forever be glad that I teach classes with girls AND boys.


It was cosmic bowling. Thus the need for all of the glow in the dark paint.

I had also never bowled with the nephews or with a bum knee so chalk those up to the list. Those are some great kids. Nephew the older got his license last month and chauffeured me to the bowling alley. It was the firs time that's ever happened.


I went apartment/house hunting for AuntofSophanne. She's very nearly convinced that living closer would be better than living far away. That's a whole lot of new with some new on top.


I knit some socks with Stitchjones' Bollywood. I've knit socks before. I've knit with her yarn many a times. I've never knit socks with her yarn and was able to play with the olloclip macro lens on the iPod. Very cool with infinite possibilities. Also a new thing to do.


New is the word. What's new?


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