Wednesday, March 26, 2014

All about the macro

I fear you may never see a normal picture again.

A scrunchy sponge.


The pepper shaker.


A sea shell.


A sesame cashew.


Why bother going for the "water drop on a leaf" picture everyone takes. There can be so much more.

HusbandBob and I were discussing travel yesterday. Hawaii came up as one of the destinations in which I would endure a plane ride. My new criteria for travel is that wherever I go has to feel like a completely different planet for me. His new criteria for travel is not to do it. With that in mind, I believe I will be traveling to macroworld.

Is it any wonder that a childhood favorite was Horton hears a Who?



vanfox23 said...

Just got a new dlsr myself and you just gave me awesome ideas. I will be macro-ing soon. By the way, that sesame cashew look like some kind of sea creature!

kmkat said...

Nice macros! I have a tiny lens for my iPhone, too, but haven't used it. Why not, I ask myself...

Roxie said...

Love the macros!

Yes, traveling can be a problem, but the benefits are huge!

Anonymous said...

Your macro lens is fan-tas-tic! I love those pics, though the sesame seed one looks a little too much like larva. Just sayin'.

Hawaii is a freaking amazing place and you must make an effort to go. Yes, it's a freaking long way for you but it's truly another planet. Maybe it's more doable to stop in California for a few days of husband placating? Then it's only 5 hours to Hawaii. There must be something to bribe him with.