Thursday, April 25, 2013

A day off

I took a personal day today and did personal stuff.  Refiling prescriptions, making dr. check up appointments for myself and the dog, changing sheets, knitting sleeves, etc etc.

Mr Sophanne did a pick up of Chinese food for lunch.  Next to the Chinese food place is a Christian Charities outfit where he browses while waiting for food.

Several months ago he found a nice love seat which we very much needed and paid only $100 for.  Cute, cozy, perfect for the space, and it felt good to be in the reuse-recycle phase of the world.

Today he saw a church pew.  He convinced me to have a look and I was pleased.  We have no real decor in our lives.  It's mostly items gathered before and after marriage- two people living alone throwing their stuff together and slowly deciding what to keep and what to toss.

We now have a church pew.  And I'm not unhappy about it.


Suzanne said...

Very nice purchase. I've been married 30 plus years, and we still don't have a defined furniture style...a little of this and that which we love and use daily.

kmkat said...

I would love a church pew!

Piter Johnson said...
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Roxie said...

Where are you gonna put your pew?

decor done in a single style is artificial and sterile to me. Homes furnished with "what works and we love" are authentic!