Monday, August 15, 2011

VRBO revisited.

Remember that VRBO from our recent vacation? Remember how we went three days without air conditioning in 90 degree weather? I know there are bigger problems in the world but in my little world on this little blog, when you save for a year for summer vacation and pay $400 a day for a beach rental that doesn't have what it says it's going to, it's plenty annoying.

Mr. Sophanne and I did not hold the big grudge after the airport recovery trip. We had a nice time, didn't mention the earlier difficulties, took care of the property as the guests that we were and left knowing that all that would have to be done for the next tenants would be some very light sweeping, mopping and tub/toilet cleaning.

No damage was incurred and we left everything as we found it.

Mr. Sophanne attempted to contact Bob Lieber, 331 40th St., Avalon, NJ (his real name and address) 5 times in the last week to finalize the contract, determine the status of the security deposit and move on.

After neglecting all phone calls, Mr. Lieber sent an email today that charged us $250 in cleaning costs. Even at a generous $15/hr that means 16 hours of cleaning which is absolutely absurd. In addition we were charged $15 for the "trash disposal" of the frozen unopened hot dogs that we didn't use that we left in the freezer for the next tenants. We were also charged $15 for using a plastic placemat that was in the pantry under the dog's water and food bowl (notably to protect the floor). He said we destroyed pantry shelf lining.

In fact, he let us know that according to him and pending the comcast bill, (to determine whether we ordered any movies in spite of us reassuring him that we didn't) we owe him $29.46.

Men are different than women. If Mr. Sophanne is angry at something like this he's m-f'ing up one wall and down the other at the asshatness of the guy. He says when he does it enough he wears himself out and it's out of his system. For me that only aggravates and stirs up my seething fury that has no real outlet. If vengeance can't be mine then I don't want to think about it. I plan on deleting any future emails (for some reason reading rather than hearing what he wrote makes me angrier) and letting Mr. Sophanne do or not do what he will.

However, I am not above asking my blog friends to aid in the expression of my anger. You are all such wonderful writers (I know-I read your blogs). Let's have an insult-fest in the comments (Bob Lieber is so slimey... or whatever other form suits your style best). Do me a favor and let him have it. I won't have so much mad if you make me laugh.


Anonymous said...

First of all, did he reduce the $400/day charge to account for the lack of air conditioning? If so, fine, let him go sing for the $29. If he didn't, file a claim in small claims court for whatever you think should have been the reduction in the rental rate. Let him deal with that.

Oh, and Mr. Lieber? You are an asshat of the first degree.

sophanne said...

No reduction- that would have been acceptable- negotiating at all would have been acceptable!

Cindy said...

Not only is "he who shall not be named" an asshat, but he is a dorkmeister of the third degree. Srsly.

Roxie said...

Can we say, "Beneath contempt?" Rest assured - his karma will run over his wallet any day now.

I am reluctant to put out a full bore rant because everything you put on the internet stays there forever and can be quoted out of context at a later date.

Would a voodoo doll help?

Becky said...

What a horrible man!

Bob Lieber, I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries!

Now go away, or I shall taunt you another time!

Sharon said...

Bob Lieber, you are so crooked you eat soup with a corkscrew! You are lower than whale excrement. Your mama so fat...

Srsly though, NOT cool to rip off the Sophannes!!

Anonymous said...

Bob Lieber has a tiny dick. (Men so hate that one.)