Thursday, August 04, 2011


Last year at Wildwood, Levi was a little hesitant to get on rides.

This year Uncle Jerry got him to go on the giant swing.

and the fear barrier was broken.

(I'm working on getting this out there)

As can bee seen by this skycoaster video- the "Oh NO" and "Oh God" in the background is Mr. Sophanne which, in my opinion, make the video.

Meanwhile, Mr. Sophanne squeezed himself into a go kart-

The rest of the family took a whirl on some kind of ridiculous "we're stuck in a cage and swinging and going in circles ride"

and the little Lu stuck to what worked for her-

sometimes- in the right light, I think she's a ringer for Drew Barrymore.

I'd like to say I was the photographer but my camera was at home and all of these great shots were taken by the mama. Next time I'll realize that when Mr. Sophanne says "camera" it means he's observing it on the dresser and not picking it up and taking it with him. I did do what I liked best which was watch and cheer for the action.


Jane said...

That swing looks absolutely petrifying. Not sure I could get on that thing. Looks like you are having an outstanding vacation. Hope you are staying cool!

Cindy said...

funfunfun! And, Lu is much much prettier than Drew.

Roxie said...

Yay! Fun for all!