Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Now I hate chicken.

Something happened. I don't know when. I thought maybe I just hated the chicken breasts that greathusbandbob made (which are objectively very good- I just can't.). White chicken chili was once my favorite thing. Surely it can not be a part of my psyches protest against chicken. But it is. <sad face>

I'm wondering if hormonal pre-menopausal stages also bring changes in appetite. Some food just makes me so mad.

I made a dog but Knitnightgina assembled it. It has gnome friends.


His name is Murphy- made while watching Z-Nation. In an ironic twist, Amanda's alligator is chewing on his leg. This scene was followed by several more and if you know anyone who is hiring independent contractors to create hilarious knitted toy tableaus, I may be able to hook you up, (that would have been so funny if it were crochet.) People may having been smiling curiously at us in Panera's.

The next gnome has been started on size 10 needles with four strands of Elsbeth Lavold's silky wool.


The gnomes are to be a fixture of knit night until it gets boring- with more to come until snow can make me laugh instead of gnomes. Also why does autocorrect keep trying to capitalize Gnomes? Also in the works in my head is a size 2 needles/sock yarn version of the dog. Puppies!



Sunshine said...

I have the same problem with chicken these days. Don't know what it is!!

kmkat said...

Murphy is adorbs!