Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Birthday update.

Celebratory ice cream for lunch on Saturday. Not only celebrating the b-day but also celebrating the completion of the most difficult task in wallet replacement- the DMV.


Fancypants lunch on Monday. Nurseshelly made crab dip- I brought the things you don't have to cook.


We ate birthday dinner at my favorite hole in the wall Lebanese restaurant where the wife/waitress forced shawarma instead of my usual gyro platter. She kept saying "you try something new... you might like." She was mistaken.

There was ice cream cake when we got home.


Greathusbandbob sang and didn't get all weepy like he did when he and aunt sang on Sunday.

We waited for an hour to vote today, ate some Mexican food for lunch and picked up my newly detailed car. Tonight we head north and it's a "the election is over and yesterday was your birthday" party at Sarris' ice cream parlor with knit night friends.

Two days of school and another day off- the following week begins program prep and then off we go into the holiday season.

I'm still double knitting hearts because I like the color combos.


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