Wednesday, August 05, 2015

They always come back

So after my first year of teaching junior high band ('87-88) I spent my summers doing three things.  I taught my junior high summer band, took courses for my Master's degree and taught at a high school band camp in Washington PA (Trinity H.S.)

I spent about 5 years working with the people at Trinity (well into the fall marching seasons) and ended up giving clarinet lessons to some of the high school students before rehearsals began.

Fast forward to knit night two weeks ago.

There were two errant knitters at a booth near our gathering.  Knitnightmarc invited them to join us.  They did and joyous knitterly bonding began.  All the while peppered with comments "You seem so familiar to me.  I don't know why."

Later in the week I was driving through Washington PA and saw the zip code posted on the post office.  This made me think of zip codes which made me think of the 1970's PBS show Zoom. (where they always sang the zip code when they gave the address for kids to write in "02134")

That evening newknitfriendHeather posted about that show on Facebook. What are the odds.  Again, this past Tuesday night we knew we were connected somehow but I figured it was a past life- not this current one.

Finally, today on Facebook, she posted a picture of "band camp at Trinity" 1988.  There it was.  Apparently I taught clarinet lessons to newknitfriendHeather AND she stayed at my apartment one spring for a WVU Honors band performance.  I can remember giving lessons and she and her friend Melissa looked vaguely familiar on their #tbt facebook photos but I can't believe they ever stayed at my house!  And yet, she remembered the name of my cat.

It's a funny funny world.


kmkat said...

COL! (Chuckle Out Loud)

Deborah-- said...

Wow that is amazing!