Sunday, December 22, 2013

Pinterest Anyone?

First there's this: it's baking now.



Apples rolled in crescent roll dough with butter, sugar, cinnamon and vanilla. You add some Mt. Dew and bake it. With 2 sticks of butter, how can it be bad?


Then there's this: the first layer is Klondike bars, cool whip, caramel sundae topping, bananas and walnuts. The second layer is the same only chocolate sundae topping.



They call it ice cream cake. I think I will call it my boyfriend. When all the ingredients are your favorite and you can't mess it up by cooking it, what can go wrong?



kmkat said...

I am closing this tab RIGHT NOW. too much temptation ;-)

Roxie said...

But the joy of crescent dough is all that golden flakiness. Dosen't the Mt. Dew make it all gooshy?

Becky said...

What possessed someone to put Mountain Dew on top of an otherwise normal (and delicious) sounding dessert??! I'm not saying it's bad, I'm just saying it's crazy. Crazy!!

vanfox23 said...

YUM-O! I want some of your boyfriend, oh wait, I mean the ice cream cake!! LOL :-)