Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Just when I thought it couldn't be funnier

Here is what I said to the audience at the show. I said it slowly and with much intention.


Have you noticed? Your kids are excited. They are proud of themselves. It makes me happy to know that they can be excited about something that doesn't have to be charged or requires batteries. I have found that the one of the worst things we can do to children when they are excited and proud is ignore them. This is why I am asking you, please please, please if you need to have a conversation while someone is singing, go out into the hallway to do it. These proud and excited kids deserve our respect and attention and it hurts their feelings when we talk through their performance.

You could hear a pin drop for 95% of the performance. During the other 5%, audience members felt empowered to shush the offenders.

It. Was. Awesome. I am pretty certain that both my audiences (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) were the quietest elementary music program audiences on the planet. I also got to be proud of them.

Also adding to the joy of the day was this:

Awesome husband was there to watch it in action.


It wasn't all serious. Once I knew he was coming to the show I had this vision of him as elementary school program bouncer. As in "Hey you, shut the f up, that's my wife up there." After sharing this image with massage therapist, new BFF and mother of first grader,(BFFAmber from now on.) she said "yea, Bob and I could really bust some heads if we had to."

That led to me imagining this:


Which led to this horrible but hilarious selfie (which I realize is in reverse and I have too much smile to really be Harvey Keitel.)

And really, it's only because the whole concept is so hilarious that I even show you. Husband Bob using Geri-curl? Really?

And finally all of this leads to a weekend planned doing what I am inventing and calling Pulp Fiction Yoga where you act out the movie while it's playing with only the movement and no dialogue. I think we're onto something.



Roxie said...

You are inspired! I bet those kids were SO proud!!

Pulp-fiction Yoga. Kind of like answering all questions in interpretive dance.

kmkat said...

You are crazy and wonderful and creative and I love you!