Friday, August 16, 2013

Exercise can make you feel better.

are words that I never believed I would say.  This is a post about my exercise.  It might be boring but I would kind of like to bear witness.

When we were in the Alps village near the Matterhorn, everybody walked.  Some of them had two sticks, some of them had one stick, some of them had no sticks.  You might recall I did both some walking and some tumbling.

On this trip I realized that I could walk up and down hills.  (I used to do it all the time in high school)  The road in front of our house goes down the hill and up the hill.  I never walked it because I thought it would be too hard.  After I walked in Switzerland, I realized (and remembered) that I could do it.  I got a walking stick just in case I needed help carrying my lard ass up the hill.  The dog goes with me.  It's a beautiful road that I sometimes pretend has magical creatures living in the nooks and crannies.

This walk always goes faster than I think it will (it's a mile) and it's just the right amount of cardio coming back up the hill to get that energized feeling that comes with the right kind of exercise.  In most exciting news, today I did it without the aid of the walking stick.

In addition to obesity, another (likely related) body issue that I've been having is back pain.  Much of it loosened up through the massages of the summer.  As soon as school started and I began working at my school computer and desk, I could feel everything tightening again.  Significantly, I was aware of what was happening in my body rather than just noticing it later that night.  I also noticed that using the walking stick caused less than upright healthy back walking (which is why I tried sans stick today)

My favorite massage therapist was forced to leave her position (because the business refused to process insurance claims).  Also $60/week (plus a $20 tip cause that's the way I roll) is a little steep.  I am making arrangements to have massage house calls from her but they certainly won't be as frequent.  I am happy to say that the summer of massages was more than just a decadent indulgence.  It was a learning experience that involved getting reacquainted with my body.

What to do?

I bought a yoga mat.  I started using the yoga app that I purchased not for the mobile device but for the mac laptop.  I'm pretty sure all I'm doing in the most basic series of movements are sun salutations, broken down for the yoga-retarded.  When I am finished, my back feels better.

Two forms of exercise that make me feel better.  One that I can even do in the wintertime.    And I'm just getting the feeling (because my body craves the idea of feeling better) that it's something I'm going to stick with.

This, my friends is monumental...MONUMENTAL!

People post so many inspirational things on facebook.  There's that guy that is walking normally after being told he'd never walk again.  He used yoga to get there.  The video shows his struggles including regularly falling down. It was an amazing video.  I have friends and acquaintances who are committing themselves to healthiness and looking better every day.

I might be trying to join that party.  When Mr. Sophanne was gone, I realized that much of my evening eating was anxiety related.  He doesn't make me anxious but the whole watching tv, always changing the channels, violence on the shows does make me anxious.  I think maybe going to the kitchen is a way to escape that interaction.

Also I think that I may be the introvertiest introvert there ever was.  I do gain my personal energy from within.  Interaction with others is enjoyable to me but leaves me exhausted.  Walk time and yoga time give me a chance to recover.

Mr. Sophanne has said he prefers that to me dumping him and the dog and living the life of a hermit,  so I think we'll be able to work it out.

I didn't write about it but feel like I should let you know that school has started. I am so happy to be at one school all week long.  It makes being head teacher so much more manageable and I can't quit smiling. ( It has only been one week though and 2 actual days with students)


joan said...

Good stuff! Walking is my favorite way to deal with the busy and climbing is a great stress buster. I'd love to know what the yoga app is.

vanfox23 said...

I am glad you are at one school now. Didn't understand why they made you travel...on the exercise issue...congratulations! I'm glad you are taking baby steps to feel better. I L.O.V.E. yoga. I always feel so refreshed after a session. Keep up the great work! You can do it!!!!

kmkat said...

Great news on the exercise and back pain issue! I got a referral to physical therapy from the surgeon who did my hip replacement, gonna try to lessen/get rid of the low back pain that started when I was pregnant with #1 son (who is now 27). The PT has definitely helped, although I had to lay off for a week b/c some of the exercises were irritating the new hip. I probably started a little too soon. My goal is to be able to work outside in the garden and yarn and woods next year :-)

Becky said...

As I was reading about how massages have worked for you so well I was thinking to myself "she needs some yoga" - clearly you have already figured this out! I feel like yoga is like giving yourself a massage (yes, that does sound weird and slightly inappropriate!).

I love this site and it's free! Maybe give it a try if you want some variety:

Roxie said...

Good school news, and hooray for the exercise! I, too, am trying to get in the steps. Continued good luck wit it!

Linda Sue said...

This post is inspirational- kicks my arse a little bit. NEEDED- to be sure, ok, so tomorrow, I walk up a hill... Thanks!

Carol Roskos said...

awesome, and gives me inspiration to get moving. i enjoy yoga. i need to do more of it. bought the ABC's of Yoga for kids for school. Really like it for the little ones. I recommend the flashcards version instead of the book if you're interested in using it for your students.