Sunday, July 21, 2013

Two sure signs that summer has settled into my brain


1. There is nail polish on my fingers. At some point every summer I believe that I can maintain decent looking nail polish. In fact, I convince myself that applying it and waiting for it to dry is the ultimate act of mindfulness and meditation. I even thought that as I whipped it on this afternoon.

2. I voluntarily cut the grass without Mr. Sophanne even mentioning that it needs to be cut. I have enough pause for thought to notice that it's long and that cutting it would be pleasant exercise.

It's been an odd summer. The cruise was great fun but the logistics of travel and talking to all of those people every day sucks all of the stored energy out of this introvert.

The two weeks after the cruise I found myself recovering from a mighty concussion after slamming my head into the Dairy Queen parking lot while chasing after the dog. Recovery time might have been less had it not been such a severe bounce. After I got up I immediately said "good thing I didn't get a concussion" and believed that for the first week. All the while suffering from sleepiness, dizziness, headaches and naseau. After a full seven days I realized that those symptoms suggested otherwise and I spent several days in non-stimulated isolation (except for those two staff development days) and then went for a CT scan when things didn't straighten up after about 10 days. No one has called to say there's a leak in my brain and the symptoms have stopped so I think it's all good. I think maybe what I should have said when I got up was, "glad I didn't crack my head open."


So anyway after all that excitement, things have finally settled down. My lower chakras are waking and reaching for the ground, I've declared this summer the "summer of massage" and have had two per week for the past two weeks. Who knew that hump that felt like a giant tumor on my back was actually a big pile of tension and anxiety. I can now poke at it for the blubber that it is rather than using it to crack nuts.

I had two goals for the summer, look for teaching videos on the YouTube and walk the dog daily. I've ignored the first and by the time I was ready for the second, there were heat advisories telling me to stay inside. We're now at two days in a row which makes me happy.

All has not been lost. I did finish the red and black color affection that I started in June. I also finished the dragon that I intend to perch on the shoulder of said wrap (using an i-cord to wrap around it and keep it on-we'll see, we'll just see.) Its blocking at knitnighttara's house. Pictures forthcoming.

I am not ready to jump into "bigger on the inside" or Jared Flood's Rock Island Shawl. I think the Alaskan serial killer sweater took all concentration out of me. So I'm making a Noro stripe scarf and looking at some hat patterns.


I did manage to make this video on the site GoAnimate. It cracks me up but I think it will probably be a little too pointed to share with the teachers at school. Particularly the ones who sound like the second half.

Summer is settling. All is well



kmkat said...

OMG, I'm so glad your concussion was not more serious! That could have been fatal. Re: nail polish. I recently discovered that Maybelline 5-Day Nail Color really DOES last 5 days -- or longer. Try it, you might be able to do your nails once a week on the weekend during the school year :-)

Roxie said...

Your animation was hilarious! Maybe the concussion stirred things up in there.

Rest and enjoy the summer. Yes, a cruise can be draining even for a cheerful Introvert.

Too bad you can't take the dog to the mall for walks.Conditioned air and visual stimulation - it's all good! And then, maybe a little treat at the coffee shop when you finish. It's important to stay hydrated and motivated.

Becky said...

I feel exactly the same way when I need to talk to people for a long time. Even if I like them and I'm having fun, it's exhausting.

I am so glad you did not crack your head open!!! Rest rest rest!