Saturday, January 26, 2013

Oh Where, Oh Where

has this blogger been?  Oh where oh where can she be?

Well, if you must know...

Things I have been doing while not blogging.

1) once again rearranging the yarn room.  We are down to 4 bookshelves and enough room to put the piano in here as well.  Sadly, while I measured the potential piano space, I did not measure the path the piano would have to travel and now there is a big empty spot.  I am plotting and scheming plans to remedy this but will not reveal until its a done deal.

2) playing the ukulele.  I bought a new one last month.  It doesn't slide out of tune so quickly which has made playing rather pleasant.  That I have been playing it when I could be knitting suggests that it will join the list of acceptable hobbies.

3) knitting... I have nothing to show for said knitting, as I've been working on miles and miles of Elsebeth Lavold Log Cabin Moderne.  It would seem that I have committed to this project (unlike so many others) and in spite of the endless garter stitch, I will forge on.

but what about the funny?

Trust me when I say that if I had some funny, this would be one of the first places I'd share it.

I do have a piece of knitterly/driving advice to share.

If you happen to knit a malabrigo balaclava, and you happen to wear it on the -4 degree drive to school, be sure to take it off if your eyelids start to get droopy because it is so cozy.  I managed to do this in time, but I may have found a cure for insomnia!  (at least if you have it at -4 degrees while driving.)


LisaBe said...

i've been playing the ukulele too!! i got a firefly banjo uke for christmas and can't get enough playing time. if you ever get up to pittsburgh, you could meet up with steel city ukes with me. we meet two weeknights a month at a former school right off the edgewood/swissvale exit of 376, and we're starting a jam night at a bar in lawrenceville the second sunday of every month.

kmkat said...

LOL at the Malabrigo balaclava near mishap. Glad you work up in time :)

Roxie said...

SO much to be said for a cozy balaclava!

Becky said...

I hate moving furniture, or pianos, good luck!!!! If in the end you can't make the piano fit console yourself with more yarn - you have the space for it now!