Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Random Random

It is what it says. Random.

For your continued Zombie Nutcracker amusement- rather than the traditional Santa's shop for kids to buy junk for themselves their parents, our PTO chose to buy a craft of some sort to make and gift for the holidays. Ironically enough, the 5th grade students received wooden nutcrackers to decorate. They've mostly all already seen the google image page of zombie nutcrackers. I may have some 'splainin' to do. Oy.

Epic Mickey 2. New game for Mr. Sophanne. He defeated the first monster, went back to add "player 2" and erased all progress. I mention this not because it matters a whole lot to me but because of the effect Epic Mickey has had on my life.

In the game, you paint things blue to fix them and paint things green (paint thinner) to make them disappear. Mr. Sophanne continues to buy ice cream drumsticks. I continue to search for ways to avoid them. This evening when he asked me if I wanted one, I said no and then imagined as he ate his, that I was making it disappear with paint thinner.

News on something I hate the most. Self righteous and mildly proselytizing Christians in my general circle of life who regularly behave contrary to the Golden Rule. There was one today who snapped like a firecracker at me. As a rule, I am not someone who gets snapped at often. In fact, more than once I've been complimented for my ability to facilitate calm and level-headedness. When snapping happens, I take umbrage and while I know I need to let it go, it's much harder when the snapee takes such pride in being a good person. And now feel better for being able to "tell on her" on the blog.

Finally, I finished the Vertigo vest at knight night and the awesome Gina took probably the best picture I'll manage to get. Sometimes I am so lazy. I am pleased with the results. It will get blocked this weekend. I am hoping that someday the weather outside and in my building will allow me to wear it more than from the house to the car in the morning.


Sunshine said...

Nice Job!!!

Roxie said...

The vest is lovely! Good work.

Mr Sophane should not be told that his drumstick is being vanished with pain thinner. He will be happier to remain in ignorance. :-)

The "righteous Christian" snapper should be ashamed of herself! I hate those little paper cuts on the soul. I spend much too much time running things over and over in my head, defending myself and making her look small. I put far more energy into the incident the she ever did. In fact, her snapping probably had little to do with you, but was more likely a response to her hormones, pre-Christmas stress, and the fact that her dog chewed up her favorite shoes.

vanfox23 said...
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vanfox23 said...

Sorry, I made a grammatical error in the comment I deleted. I just couldn't leave it up there for all to see :-)

Oh how games take over our lives...for a while, for us, it was Super Mario 3. Days were lost in the progress of that game.

Your sweater is so pretty! I love the colors.

Your experience with the Christian woman is one of the reasons I don't attend church any more. There is a ton of hypocrisy within religion and I choose not to be associated with it. I have seen people that I used to go to church with out and about and it amazed me that, in those instances, I didn't exist. But on Sunday they couldn't be nicer to me...go figure :-/

Anonymous said...

Yay! Good work on finishing the vest. I shudder to think it's so cold that you can't wear it - I am a bit of a cold lightweight though.

I work with the public and people just make me sad sometimes. That is all...

P.s. If you like bad words and intelligent humor you can listen to the Greg Proops Smartest Man in the World podcast - he sometimes discusses the oddities of life as he sees them through vodka glasses. And it's free.

Suzanne said...

Your vest turned out wonderfully...great job!