Monday, December 03, 2012

Another episode of life inside my brain.

Every year in December the k-2er's listen to, act out portions of, and watch George Ballanchine's New York City Ballet's version of The Nutcracker. Nothing unusual there in music teacher world.

Today a pile of 2nd graders were particularly lethargic in their reenactment of the opening party scene. I suggested that they looked like zombies.

And then, I couldn't stop myself from playing "what if." Out loud. What if the ballet were made of all zombies. What if instead of the little brother breaking the nutcracker's head, just ripped the little zombie sister's head off. And then, when Dad goes to scold him, little brother pulls Dad's arm off.

Oh the laughter. Oh the inappropriateness. Oh the hilarity. As you may suspect, 2nd graders love me.

And then, just now, in case it was a been there done that sort of idea, I googled "zombie nutcracker" and got a page like this-

Bwah ha ha ha!


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the union won't allow the dancers in the San Francisco ballet to go zombie - zombies may not pay dues on time and disregard contractual obligations. Cause they're undead!

I can see how 2nd graders would be totally enthralled by zombie dancing though and you're a genius for thinking up the new curriculum.

Annie said...

Heheee Interesting, too, because I went to one of Sofia Lopez-Ibor's sessions at conference and we "fought." She thinks that kids don't get enough time to explore that side of their emotions.. it's all lovey dovey let's be friends. So why not zombies?! I love it.

Roxie said...

I must be a second grader too, because I love you! Zombie nutcrackers? Oh yeah!!