Friday, August 10, 2012

When in doubt,

Buy Ice Cream.

Actually, I didn't buy this ice cream.  Mr. Sophanne did. 

 You see, my schedule has changed. For the last few years, population and principal pull allowed be at one school all the time.  With a change in population and pull comes a change in my schedule.  I am only there 3 1/2 days.  The other day and a half I travel to other schools.

This makes me sad.

Yea, new faces, new people to impress, new students to teach blah blah blah.  Yea, it'll all work out.

My students used to have music 5 times every 3 weeks. 60 times a year!  Now they will have it once a week.  I will see them 36 times this year.  It's not enough.  And it's a little harder when it's been so good for so long.  

Mr. Sophanne understands the degree to which this has caused me distress. 

It's a three ice-cream emergency.


vanfox23 said...

Why are they doing this???? I don't like it at all!! You are a great music teacher and we want you all to ourselves....wait...maybe that's why they are sending you other places. It still makes me sad :-(

throwslikeagirl74 said...

Hugs. That is hard. I basically saw kids for one third of the year and it was never enough.

Sunshine said...

Bless Mr. Sophanne!!!

Becky said...

Look at it as an adventure! (yeah, this is what I tell myself every time things suck, it rarely works, but maybe you want to give it a try). Hang in there, and eat that ice cream!!

Roxie said...

Mr.Sophane is a wise man.