Monday, May 29, 2017

Cat Poet Babbles Sunshine

Or what I would name this post if it were fake news.

Item One- granddaughter of greathusbandbob has been named the Youth Poet Laureate of Seattle. I can't wait to find out what that means in real life.

Item Two- cousin's cat died. At home. In the middle of the night.

My first act of the morning was to dispose of a dead cat. Which is better than cousins first act of the morning which was finding him.

When she called this morning we told her to cover him with a towel until we could get there. Cousin being cousin... when I got there she had a kitchen towel on him like a blanket with his head and tail out rather than covered.

As I was adulting, I couldn't help but play Law and Order in my head, noting the body was in full rigor but had not started to decompose.

Item three- having restarted the latest double knitted Star Trek blanket square five times, I am pausing for some crochet. It's called Atlanticus from a website called Hooked on Sunshine. It's Noro- the colors are absolutely not correct but the variety is.


Item four- There are two more days with kids, one work day after that and summer vacation begins. Babbel is the winner for clarity of instruction. Duolingo is good for self esteem and a site called languagezen exists to make me realize how much I don't know. Tiny cards for vocabulary training.


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