Saturday, November 14, 2015

A Saturday in November

For whatever reason, this is the first weekend in some time that hasn't felt like a dothisdothat weekend.

For that I am grateful. It has been a challenging year at school because of student behavior. I would hate to be a first year teacher with this crop.

Today cousin and I started the morning with a pancake breakfast for 'lil Raider football and cheerleaders.



A pancake breakfast as only southwestern PA can do them.

She was quick to point out that her tree looked much nicer than the one at the fairgrounds.


When I turned around to compare, I saw this-


And said why yes, yes it does. While my cousin may have some mental disabilities, it doesn't mean she doesn't have taste.

She had extra ornaments left over from the tree and I had a long distant Pinterest post in my head. When we finished shopping I used recently purchased fishing line and the ornaments and added this to the living room.


A garland of ornaments to adorn her mantlepiece. The rare Pinterest win that turned out exactly like they said it would. I have my eyes on you discounted January ornaments.

Edited to add- and then Bobterry came home and said "I told Shirley we'd take her clothes shopping for her son. We can go to lunch!" So much for a dothisdothat free weekend.

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